The Best Boutique Hotels in Thessaloniki

The Best Boutique Hotels in Thessaloniki

The best boutique hotels in Thessaloniki capture the city's unique urban character. This is the ideal city for enjoying a boutique hotel...
Cranes frame the view from the Port of Thessaloniki

Things to Do in the Port of Thessaloniki

There are many things to do in the port of Thessaloniki. The city has a large commercial port just to the west....
The Best 5-Star Hotels in Thessaloniki

The Best 5-Star Hotels in Thessaloniki

The best 5-star hotels in Thessaloniki offer the ideal accommodations for every taste and style. Offering more than mere luxury, they have...
Tings to Do in Old Toen Thessaloniki - Ano Poli Byzantine walls

Things to Do in Old Town Thessaloniki – Ano Poli

Old Town Thessaloniki is a rambling hillside neighborhood in the embrace of the Byzantine walls. This romantic tangle of cobblestone alleys and...
Beaches in Thessaloniki

Best Beaches in Thessaloniki, by Public Transportation

For a city with such a fantastic and long waterfront promenade, it's not surprising that there are some good beaches in Thessaloniki...
Thessaloniki from the Sea

How to Get from Athens to Thessaloniki

It's never been easier to get from Athens to Thessaloniki. There are four ways to travel: by plane, by car, by train,...
How to get gtom Thessaloniki Airport to Halkidiki

How to Get From Thessaloniki Airport to Halkidiki by Public Transportation

It's very easy to get from the Thessaloniki Airport to Halkidiki with public transportation. It just takes a little bit of planning.
What to Eat in Palermo - A cassata gelato after midnight, at Antica Gelateria Fratelli Navazino

What to Eat in Palermo, and Where to Find It

When we planned a motorcycle trip from Greece to Sicily, one of the first things we researched was what what to eat...

Greece to Sicily by Motorcycle: Routes, Sights, Where to Stay

Greece to Sicily by MotorcycleTraveling from Greece to Sicily by motorcycle is a road trip that has just...
A selection of Muhallebi at Saray

Turkish Desserts and Sweets to Taste in Istanbul

The classic Turkish desserts of Istanbul are edible jewels, exotic like the city.After an excellent meal in Istanbul,...