Ladokouloura - Vegan Cretan Sesame and Orange cookies with Olive Oil

Ladokouloura – Vegan Koulourakia with Olive Oil

Ladokouloura are Greek cookies made with olive oil ("ladi"). If you're new to Greek cookies, this is a perfect recipe to start with. Greek...
Greek Honey Cookies for the Holidays

Melomacarona – The Favorite of All Greek Christmas Desserts

Melomakarona Cookies for Christmas and New Year’s in Greece Christmas is not Christmas without Melomacarona in Greece. These spice-scented, syrup-drenched cookies with hints of orange...
Honey Yogurt Tart sreved with a thick drozzle of honey and shelled walnuts

Honey Yogurt Tart

This honey yogurt tart manages to dazzle, while also being one of the simplest and most wholesome dessert recipes you can find. Dense and...

Gavros Marinatos – Greek Boquerones

Boquerones - called gavros marinatos (marinated anchovies) in Greek - are fresh anchovies in vinegar. These simple pickled anchovies are one of the easiest...
Dolmadiakia gialantzi

Dolmadakia Gialantzi- Greek Stuffed Grape Leaves

Dolmadakia - grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs - are one of the most delicious and wholesome Greek meze. Stuffed grape leaves with...
With its flora and great white sand dunes, Elafonissi Beach is one of the world famous Chania Beaches,

Chania Beaches – Best Beaches in Chania Crete

Beaches in Chania, Crete are among the most famous beaches of Greece. The Chania prefecture covers western Crete, a region with a tremendous variety...
Mendiants Chocolat

Mendiants Chocolat – Chocolate Disks with Nuts and Fruits

Mendiants Chocolat are compositions of nuts and dried fruits arranged on chocolate disks. Simple as they sound, they're lovely to look at, and even...
A slice of tourte aux blettes with sugar and cinnamon

Tourte aux Blettes – A Swiss Chard Tart from Provence

Tourte aux blettes (tourte de blettes) is a sophisticated, easy swiss chard tart from sunny Nice on the Côte d'Azur. It brings together delicate...
Tahini halva with dark chocolate is vegan and very popular for Greek Orthodox lent.

Tahini Halva – Recipe for an Easy Sesame Halva

Tahini Halva is a rich and wholesome sweet made of sesame. Sesame halva is very popular all over the Eastern Mediterranean and in the...
Boureki with melting potatoes and zucchini, tangy tomato and cheese, and the freshness of mint.

Boureki- A Cretan Dish of Zucchini, Potatoes, Myzithra, and Fresh Mint

A Cretan Boureki Recipe for Any Season Boureki is one of the best things imaginable to happen to a zucchini and a potato. It brings...
Tsipouro: The Traditional Greek Spirit - Provocolate

Tsipouro: The Traditional Greek Spirit

Tsipouro is the very essence of the Greek landscape in a glass. A spirit in every sense, this famously strong Greek drink is distilled...
Bougiourdi - Spicy Baked Feta Cheese with Tomato and Peppers

Bougiourdi – Spicy Baked Feta Cheese with Tomato and Peppers

Bougiourdi - μπουγιουρντί - is like a spicy, lusty Eastern Mediterranean fondue. This easy baked Feta dish is - by far - the favorite...