Greece to Sicily by Motorcycle: Routes, Sights, Where to Stay

Greece to Sicily by Motorcycle Traveling from Greece to Sicily by motorcycle is a road trip that has just...
A selection of Muhallebi at Saray

Turkish Desserts and Sweets to Taste in Istanbul

The classic Turkish desserts of Istanbul are edible jewels, exotic like the city. After an excellent meal in Istanbul,...
Driving in Crete

Driving in Crete – The 5 Most Exciting Scenic Routes

Driving in Crete is not only the most practical way to get around this huge island- it's a pleasure in itself. Crete...

Chania – Culture, Cuisine, Hiking, and World-Class Beaches

As Greece's largest island, Crete offers visitors tremendous variety. In Chania and the surrounding region, you'll find culture, history, a world famous...
Churches in Thessaloniki: Osios David

Churches in Thessaloniki – Byzantine Splendor

Visiting the Byzantine Churches in Thessaloniki. An important center during the Byzantine Empire, Thessaloniki is architecturally blessed, with many extraordinary churches, representing...
Museums in Thessaloniki

Museums in Thessaloniki: Archaeology to Contemporary Art

Thessaloniki has a wealth of excellent Museums. History, archaeology, and Byzantine culture are among the highlights. But the city also has a...
Şehzade Mosque, the early work of Mimar Sinan

Mimar Sinan and the Magnificent Mosques of Istanbul

The Magnificent Mosques of Istanbul The great Mosques that define Istanbul's skyline and express the aesthetics of the Ottoman...
Mimar Sinan- Şehzade Mosque - Entrance with Muqarnas

Mosque Architecture: Minarets, Mihrabs, Minbars

Mosque architecture includes elements specific to Islamic worship. Knowing some terminology and some basic practices of Islam gave...

Boureki- A Cretan Dish of Zucchini, Potatoes, Myzithra, and Fresh Mint

Boureki Tastes Like it Was Meant to Be Do you know how it is to meet someone for the...
Fresh Artichokes are a springtime Cretan Food Specialty

Cretan Food Specialties- Staka, Raki, Snails, and more

Even those who know and love Greek Cuisine are surprised to discover the many uniquely Cretan food specialties. This largest of the...