Greek Honey Cookies for the Holidays

Melomacarona – The Favorite of All Greek Christmas Desserts

Melomakarona Cookies for Christmas and New Year’s in Greece Christmas is not Christmas without Melomacarona in Greece. These spice-scented, syrup-drenched cookies with hints of orange...
Classic Greek Drinks: Ouzo by the Docks, Molyvos, Lesvos

Greek Drinks – Tsipouro, Ouzo, Tsikoudia, Raki

Greece's drinking culture is as refined as it is ancient. The indigenous Greek drinks - tsipouro, ouzo, and tsicoudia - have special status in...
tiropita - cheese pie with honey

Tiropita with Honey- A Simple Greek Cheese Pie

Tiropita (ti-ró-pi-ta) is "cheese pie" in Greek (tirí - cheese, pita - pie). It's extremely popular, and there are many Greek tiropita recipes -...
Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Chocolate Zucchini Cake – A Healthy Summer Favorite

This Chocolate Zucchini Cake has been a summer standby in our family for years. In a Greek summer, it's sometimes so hot it's hard...

Baked Fish in Salt Crust

Salt baked fish is one of the simplest of all fish preparations. It's also definitely one of the most festive and dramatic. This salt...
A view over the mountains of Tzoumerka from Kalarytes

Tzoumerka – Mountains, Monasteries, Magnificent Villages

Tzoumerka - or Athamanika - is one of Greece's most exciting mountain regions. Its peak - Katafidi - is 2393 m high. In all...
Pristine Seafood at Golden Beach Restaurant in Tolo

Restaurants in Tolo, Greece – The Best Places to Eat

The best restaurants in Tolo, Greece offer a perfect mix of tradition and sophistication. Tolo is an idyllic seaside village in Argolida, on its...
An Idyllic Cove in the Bay of Tolo, Argolida

Tolo, Greece – A Complete Travel Guide

Tolo, Greece is at the heart of one of the most storied provinces of Greece. On a recent trip to beautiful Tolo, in the...
Things to do in Mykonos -Greek Islands Vacation

10 Greek Islands for Your Next Vacation

The Greek Islands are at the top of many vacation wish-lists. And for good reason - or rather many good reasons. Greece has 6,000...
Things to do in Mykonos -Greek Islands Vacation

A Vacation in the Greek Islands – Best Greek Islands to...

The Greek Islands are a dream holiday destination. For many travelers, a vacation in the Greek Islands counts as an essential life experience. And...