Wine Tasting Basics in 5 simple lessons

Eumelia, this fabulous Bio-Dynamic universe I visited late last month, was so inspiring that ironically I have done pretty much nothing since then- at...

The History and Art of Wine- Visiting the Gerovassiliou Vineyards

Terroir We're gazing out over part of the sixty-three hectares of vineyard at Ktima Gerovassiliou. The sea lies beyond them, just out of sight. But it...

Skala Kallonis, Lesvos’ Classic Seaside Village

Beauty, Inside and Out Around this time last year, I was invited on the most unique blogging trip I had ever had. This dynamic woman...

In Volos, Drinking Tsipouro is an Art Form

I love it that the vagueness, the occasional freewheeling chaos of our little Mediterranean paradise disappears just where you'd expect it the most. It...

Visiting Ancient Dion- Sacred, Timeless, and Touching

Dion, sacred site of the Ancient world, is worth preparation and study, and time to devote to it.   We have none of that- We are...

How to Drink Ouzo (and Why)

For the uninitiated, ouzo teeters precariously between “classic” and “cliche.” The drink is not to blame- drunk properly, it's a clean, fresh taste of...



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