Hydra, Poros, Aegina- the Ideal Saronic Gulf Day Cruise

So Many Islands, So Little Time! Greece offers such a staggering array of experiences to the visitor that panic is a completely reasonable reaction. To...

Thessaloniki’s Fabulous Archaeological Museum

Laid-back Thessaloniki rests on the most cosmopolitan pedigree in Greece. The ruins of the palace and Imperial complex of Galerius share the main pedestrian...

The Perfect Time to Visit to the Acropolis

The Acropolis is at its most majestic at the edges of the day. A favorite family photo captures me at the Parthenon,  chin on my...

Byron, Durrell, Sounio- On the Temple of Poseidon’s Graffiti

"If you haven't been to Sounio, then we're not discussing anything else." My friend Chrysoula, also a travel blogger, was decisive. It was not so...

Hydra- Discreet Mediterranean Glamour

Glamorous, laid-back Hydra- in reality just 2 hours from Athens- is actually several significant decades away. There are no cars, no motorcycles, no noise...
Style and Substance - Vintage Fashion at Yesterday's Bread, Exarchia (Athens)

Style and Substance – Vintage Fashion at Yesterday’s Bread, Exarchia (Athens)

Exarchia- haven of ruthlessly independent creative activity- makes me homesick, for a time as much as a place. There is no Starbucks, no Accessorize,...



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