For a city with such a fantastic and long waterfront promenade, it’s not surprising that there are some good beaches in Thessaloniki that you can reach easily with the local bus system.

Beaches in Thessaloniki

There are several beaches in Thessaloniki that you can get to with public transportation.

Perea- the Closest of the Beaches in Thessaloniki

Beaches in Thessaloniki - Perea
Perea Beach at Sunset

This seaside suburb of Thessaloniki is the closest beach to the city center, and one of the nicest for families. The sandy beach is fairly narrow, set beside a quiet pedestrian promenade. Small apartment buildings line the beach front. You can see Thessaloniki across the bay in the distance.

The water is shallow for a long distance out, with a soft sandy floor. It’s usually very calm. There are changing rooms, and in the daytime in the summer there’s a lifeguard.

In the evenings in summer, a few vendors arrive, selling grilled corn, fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, and other items. It makes a festive mood.

Because it’s so close to the city, Perea Beach can be very crowded on weekends. The evenings are spectacular. Many people swim well into October.

Most of the people who swim here are locals. This is a good family beach. on the parallel streets nearby you’ll find convenience stores and places for a coffee or a bougatsa.

How to Get to Perea Beach by Bus

Buses for all of the beaches leave at IKEA, east of the center. You can reach IKEA on the buses 2 and 3K, which leave regularly from the center.

At Ikea, you take the bus 72, which says A.S. IKEA – N. MHXANIONA. The total trip is a little over 20 stops. It goes for some time through open countryside, then through a suburban area on the same straight road. When the bus turns comes to an area shaded with pines and turns to the right into a town, start paying closer attention. There will be three stops along this street. Then the bus will turn left and stop immediately after the turn in front of a small church at a stop called “Paralia Perea” (Perea beach). You can get off here- it’s the commercial center for the beach (make sure to press the button for the bus to stop here as the bus turns).

But better still, you can go one more short stop to “Erythros Stavros.” Walk one block to the beach and you’ll find the section with the changing rooms and the lifeguard (in summer), and a quieter stretch of beach.

This is the quickest of the beaches in Thessaloniki to reach from downtown. If you are lucky with the waiting times, you can be at Perea beach in less than an hour. the 72 runs 3 to five times per hour throughout most of the day (with less frequent departures after 9 pm).

For compete bus schedules, please consult the OASTH website.

Nea Epivates Beach

Beaches in Thessaloniki - Fishing Boat, Neas Epivates
A Fishing Boat Leaving the Dock at Neas Epivates

Just 4 stops from Erythros Stavros is Neas Epivates beach. The beach and the water are the same, but there’s a little more activity here in case you would like to follow up your swim with a snack at an ouzerie. Get off at the stop Neon Epivaton.

Agia Triada Beach

Beaches in Thessaloniki - Agia Triada
There are many Ouzeries on the Beach in Agia Triada and Neas Epivates

Even farther on the same bus line is the beach of Agia Triada. Here you’ll find more ouzeries and tavernas, and a wider beach. Agia Triada Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Thessaloniki as a day trip from the city. Also, Agia Triada is an inexpensive vacation destination, with hotels and rooms for tourists in addition to ouzeries, cafes, and beach bars.

How to Get to Agia Triada Beach

Take the same bus from IKEA as for Perea beach and Neas Epivates – the 72. You get off at Agia Triada – 8 stops after Neon Epivaton. From here, you turn right and walk down just a couple of short blocks to the shore, then go left and walk with the sea on your right until you find the section of beach that suits you best.

Epanomi – Further Beaches in Thessaloniki to Explore

Beach Bar

Many people consider the beaches on the other side of the cape to be better swimming, because it faces away from the bay of Thessaloniki. It takes slightly longer to get there, and the waters are often more rough.

Golden Beach

This is the closest of the Epanomi beaches. Set in a wooded area, there is a pleasant and very casual beach restaurant and cantina in the shade, with sun loungers and umbrellas for customers. There are changing rooms and a shower, but only a portable toilet.

The beach is narrow, and the waters are quite shallow, with some seaweed towards the shore. It’s generally gentle, family-friendly swimming.

How to Get to Golden Beach

At IKEA, switch to the 69A IKEA -EPANOMI – PARALIA EPANOMI. Take the bus to the second to last stop – Agia Marina. There are a one or two buses every hour – check here for current schedule information.

Epanomi Beach

Taverna by the Sea

If you take the bus to the last stop, or just walk from Golden Beach, you will come to a small seaside village with more charming tavernas for a classic seaside meal experience.

Nea Iraklia Beach

This is the furthest beach that you can get to with Thessaloniki public transportation. It’s close to Chalkidki. And, far from the city, the waters are like better, if sometimes more wavy. The beach is wider than the beaches on the bay of Thessaloniki.

As you walk, you’ll come to beach bars – Sunshine, then Sayonara, then Yolo. They have umbrellas, sunbeds, drinks, snacks, and music. This is more like being on vacation than having a suburban beach experience.

How to Get to Nea Iraklia Beach

Only two lines go out this far from IKEA, and there are only three routes a day, so it’s a little bit of a commitment to come out here. On the other hand, consider how close you are to Halkidiki for the price of a local bus ticket.

Check here on the OASTH site for current scedule information. Lines 69N IKEA – EPANOMI NTOURAKI, and 69P/69R IKEA – EPANOMI – IEK – NTOURAKI both take you there.

Go to the last stop – over 50 stops from IKEA, so bring a beach book. This brings you to the edge of the tiny beach-side village of Nea Iraklia. The wider sandy beaches are just on the other side of the village – about a kilometer on foot from the bus stop.